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Credo Consulting Group Credo Consulting Group Credo Consulting Group

Trusted Salesforce Consulting

Our Experience

Credo Consulting Group is driven to help customers maximize their investments. We focus on aligning technology with process, balancing the inherent capabilities of with a customer's unique processes and priorities. Our expertise lies within the Sales and Service Clouds, being a trusted partner to organizations which want to extend their sales, pipeline and customer support processes. We also have a passion for the Nonprofit Cloud and partnering with local nonprofits to engage their constituents and achieve their specific mission.

Why Us?

Credo Consulting Group takes a customer centric approach with each engagement, serving as a partner to companies looking to maximize their investment. We are a small and nimble company, with the capability to differentiate ourselves by partnering with customers based off their individual needs. We deliver targeted and relevant solutions to their challenges while building trust in the Salesforce platform. We do this through continuous collaboration between customers, partners and the community. We believe in providing support at all stages of the project/product life cycle for all customers and keeping them updated and supported through new opportunities. 

Our Partners