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Credo Consulting has successfully implemented Field Service Lightning (FSL) for multiple clients, transforming each business by :

  • Enabling efficient and centralized appointment scheduling
  • Establishing optimal territory and resource allocation
  • Targeting scheduling policies to align with client service objectives

Customer Challenges

Companies can provide a customer experience that turns customers into loyalists — but to deliver, they need a 360-degree view of each customer. Without the right insights, your company doesn’t have the information it needs to stay on the cutting edge of what customers are looking for. Even on an individual customer basis, you need a complete view of each customer in order to provide the best service possible with fast, first-time case resolution.  With Salesforce Field Service Lightning, you can obtain that view.

Best Practices for Customer Experience

From the customer perspective, field service gets a bad reputation — and it’s no secret why. Field service horror stories are ubiquitous — like the technician who arrives at the very end of a four-hour appointment window, without the tools to solve the problem. Your customers’ expectations dramatically exceed this disconnected experience.

Best Practices for an Efficient Call Center or Dispatcher

Your field service agents are on the front lines and are most closely associated with providing an effortless experience for your customer, but crafting such a superior customer experience is no easy feat. Agents handle a vast number of cases from a variety of different channels, so they need processes that will help them manage the workload as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Best Practices for Field Agents

Your field agents are often your employees most closely connected to powering your customer experience, and their interactions with customers are truly make-or-break moments. Field agents are your most mobile employees, but current field service technology falls short in fulfilling their mobile needs.

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