Salesforce Nonprofit Consulting


Power of Us Hub

Salesforce’s Power of Us program is dedicated to keeping Salesforce affordable. Eligible organizations are  given 10 free subscriptions to the Enterprise Edition of the Sales or Service Clouds, which equates to a $20,000 value.

Subscribers gain access to the Power of Us Hub, which provides nonprofits with resources and training specific to their organization’s needs. The Hub is also a place for nonprofits to engage with each other or to connect with a Salesforce partner to help your organization achieve its mission.

Nonprofit Success Pack

The Salesforce community is also dedicated to the promotion and improvement of the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), a Salesforce-based app designed specifically around the CRM needs of nonprofits. The NPSP is an extension/reconfiguration of the standard Salesforce platform that meets the unique needs of nonprofits by adding pre-built components to manage constituents/donors, volunteers, engagement initiatives, and more.


You’ve received your ten donated Salesforce Enterprise licenses from the Salesforce Power of Us Program. You’re on your way to transforming the way you support your organization’s mission with the premiere constituent relationship management platform used by over 30,000 nonprofits across the globe.

As a registered Salesforce consulting partner with certified Salesforce team members, Credo can guide you through the rollout process. Perhaps you only need a cost effective “QuickStart” engagement to get you up and running quickly, or maybe you’re looking for a more comprehensive assessment and custom implementation – we offer services to meet your needs. It may be that you’re interested in the popular Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), need complex integrations between Salesforce and your website, have questions about managing donations or volunteers, or need help with a third-party application available from the Salesforce AppExchange–we’re ready to assist.

We’ll help you leverage your Salesforce investment to supercharge your nonprofit mission by consolidating, integrating and automating your data, applications and processes. This may include automating your “swivel chair integrations” to end your dual data entry tasks, retiring your various spreadsheets or stacks of paper, or taking advantage of the power of the platform in ways you’ve never imagined to help manage some of the operational aspects of your organization. Credo will help get the most out of your Salesforce instance to allow your organization to run smoothly and efficiently.


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